APPLY NOW: Centene Internship Program 2024

APPLY NOW: Centene Internship Program 2024

Centene Internship Program 2024

Embark on a transformative journey as an intern at Centene, where you have the potential to be the driving force behind positive change for 28 million members. This 12-week program not only provides a comprehensive understanding of Centene but also offers a hands-on experience in shaping the community’s health, one person at a time.

As an integral part of the ServiceNow platform team, your role as an intern at Centene holds significant weight. Your primary objective is to contribute to the realization of roadmap initiatives by building custom applications.

This involves actively participating in the construction, testing and refinement of applications aligned with Centene’s strategic goals.


  1. Routine Assignments: Engage in routine assignments that draw upon your basic IT knowledge and exposure to fundamental theories, principles and concepts. These assignments serve as building blocks, laying the foundation for your understanding of Centene’s operations.
  2. Technical Projects: Collaborate with team members on small technical projects, emphasizing coding and testing. This hands-on experience allows you to deepen your technical skills while contributing to the team’s goals.
  3. Business Requirements: Actively participate in the process of building, testing and gathering business requirements. This crucial aspect of your role directly influences workflow improvements for stakeholders, highlighting the practical impact of your contributions.
  4. User Requirement Analysis: Develop the skills to analyze user requirements and collaborate with team members to understand the technical implications. This process ensures a comprehensive understanding of how user needs align with technical requirements.


The success of your internship at Centene hinges on a combination of analytical skills and exposure to ServiceNow, considered a valuable asset. Your ability to identify basic problems, procedural irregularities and draw valid conclusions will set the stage for impactful contributions.

Centene values a collaborative mindset and encourages interns to ask questions freely, fostering an environment of continuous learning.


Centene recognizes the importance of a diverse workforce and is committed to equal opportunity employment. To qualify for this internship, a high school diploma or equivalent is required.

Additionally, you must be enrolled in an undergraduate program at an accredited university or college, preferably in a field related to the hiring department.


Your responsibilities extend beyond routine assignments, as you actively contribute to the ServiceNow platform team’s efforts. This includes playing a pivotal role in building custom applications that align with the organization’s roadmap initiatives.

Your involvement in constructing, testing and refining these applications directly impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of workflow processes for stakeholders.

In conclusion, the Centene internship program presents a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth. Your role within the ServiceNow platform team not only exposes you to the intricacies of the healthcare industry but also positions you as a change-maker in community health.

Embrace this internship as a transformative experience, where your contributions shape the future of healthcare workflows and leave a lasting impact on the lives of millions.

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