“Wolf” Belfort says he misjudged Bitcoin

Wolf Belfort says he misjudged Bitcoin

Jordan Belfort, aka the Wolf of Wall Street, acknowledges that he was mistaken about Bitcoin’s value falling to zero.

He has made numerous predictions regarding the future of Bitcoin and if it is the appropriate time to invest in the crypto; even though he was always anti-crypto, he has come around to the idea of Bitcoin being more than just a cryptocurrency and an economic reformation.

Bitcoin crash predicted by ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

Jordan told Google Finance that he disliked crypto back in the day and don’t ever advised anyone to actually invest in the investment, except for rare occasions when the cryptocurrency market was booming and bullish runs dominated the sector.

He was completely mistaken about Bitcoin having fallen to zero and disappearing because he had low hopes for the project in 2017.

He was inspired and focused on achieving his wealth in the stock market; he can’t blame those who made their wealth investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

When questioned what chose to give Jordan away about Bitcoin having fallen to zero, he said he came to believe ’s entire project to be an illegal operation and he didn’t quite understand or want to obey any attention to the concept of devolution. Being in the stock business, he didn’t want any aspect of it.

He’s never decided to invest in crypto, and he’s correct in almost everything except that Bitcoin’s price will be zero in a few years. Bitcoin is trying hard, but it’s not doomed.