SUITELIFE introduces a new hotel franchise program

SUITELIFE introduces a new hotel franchise program

The launching of SUITELIFE Underwriting Managers’ Franchise Hotel Program was recently announced. SUITELIFE Underwriting Managers is a managing general underwriter for full-service hotels, premier hotels, boutique hotels, condo-hotels, resorts, and hotel management organizations. SUITELIFE is a member of the Ryan Specialty family of firms and operates under the aegis of Ryan Specialty Underwriting Managers, the firm’s specialized division for underwriting managers.

The Franchise Hotel Program usually targets three-star full-service hotels, as well as limited-service hotels, boutique hotels, and smaller independent hotels. The program is accessible in every state of the Union with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii, and the territories of the United States. It comes with an A+ rating from the carrier that backs it.

According to John Welty, president of SUITELIFE, “The SUITELIFE Program is recognized nationwide for comprehensive insurance coverage, exceptional risk management knowledge, and outstanding customer.” “We could not be more excited to expand our service to include the Franchise Hotel Program, which will enable us to serve an even greater portion of the hospitality sector.”

SUITELIFE also offers a secondary market that serves as a source of protection for prestigious inns, bed and breakfasts, non-franchised independent hotels, fishing and hunting lodges, and coastal settings.

In addition, SUITELIFE has entered into a contract with Key Risk Insurance Group in order to deliver independent workers’ compensation coverage.