Blitz Battle Mode, which was just introduced by Noft Games, is designed to make blockchain gaming more accessible to the general public.

The developer of the game, Noft Games, which is a GameFi project powered by Binance Smart Chain, has announced that they would be introducing a new Blitz warfare style to their game along with a free-to-play component in an effort to lower the entrance barrier. The announcement came not long after reports on the capability of minting several cryptocurrencies, on the basis of which an in-game NFT minting using numerous cryptocurrencies associated with the BSC chain was introduced. The development team has just started the process of expanding the Noft Games universe by adding additional gameplay types.

Noft Games continues to constantly add content while adhering to their development roadmap. With the introduction of the new Blitz mode, users with only a minimal background in crypto gaming are now able to participate in off-chain combat without needing to first purchase playable NFT characters. Instead, they can rent characters for free. As a result, the new mode is an absolute must-watch for all of those people who are interested in blockchain gaming but have no intention of making any investments. Although this is a huge step for the project, it is important to highlight that it is in keeping with the aim of the development team, which is to demonstrate to the general public how gaming can advance with the assistance of blockchain technology.

The most recent patch adds a new option for players to select from among several game modes, bringing the total number of available modes to three (with a fourth on the way soon): Ultimate, Events, and Blitz, with a Practice mode still to come. Blitz mode is intended to become a core solution to an entry-barrier into play-to-earn gaming by allowing users to try out battles cost-free and earn experience points to upgrade the Noft character. Users will then be able to join on-chain games, such as Ultimate or Events, to compete for grand BNB prizes.

According to the website for the project, rental Nofts do not provide the same important benefits to users as purchased characters do. These benefits include larger earnings and speedier improvements. Fans of blockchain gaming are invited to the Noft Games website, where they can mint the Noft using BNB, USDT, USDC, BUSD, or DOGE coin; alternatively, they can purchase one during the ongoing sale at a discount of 70%. This limited-time promotion is good through the 31st of August.

Noft Games is an NFT P2E deathmatch that focuses on providing players with a game experience that is both pleasant and profitable on Web3.

The lore of the game covers the story of the Nofts, who are extraterrestrial beings who are trapped on a starship in outer space and are forced to fight for their survival. Nofts are in-game creatures that can be traded and collected; they are tokens based on the ERC-721 standard. In addition to the very first classic collection of Nofts, the team has already released a total of six collections that were produced in conjunction with a variety of different artists. The number of partnerships that the project is a part of is growing, and in the long run, it hopes to expand into the Nofts Metaverse.