Cardalonia Prepares for P2PB2B Listing, Starts Metaverse Land Presale Whitelist

Cardalonia Prepares for P2PB2B Listing, Starts Metaverse Land Presale Whitelist

Cardalonia has made public a forthcoming Initial Exchange Offering that will take place on the P2PB2B exchange, which is listed on Coinmarketcap.

When Cardalonia is made available to the public, users will be able to create their own unique Cardalonia Compatible assets that can be traded on the Cardalonia Marketplace for either $LONIA, ADA, or both. Users will also be able to deploy their creations as non-fungible token (NFT) experiences on the Cardalonia metaverse, which is based on the Cardano Blockchain.

The Cardalonia metaverse will be powered by the utility token known as $LONIA.

On the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), which is scheduled to commence on on Monday, August 22, 2018, interested investors will have the opportunity to purchase $LONIA tokens.

The Cardalonia development team has also opened up a whitelist for users who have an active stake of at least 7,000 $LONIA tokens in the staking vault. This whitelist is for people who intend to participate in the Land NFT sale and following ISPO.

The Preferred Method for Acquiring $LONIA Tokens

Potential buyers of $LONIA who are interested in participating in the future P2PB2B launchpad can do so here.

Join the Cardalonia Telegram group in order to stay up to date on any and all information that may be pertinent.

In regards to Cardalonia

Cardano’s blockchain hosts a virtual environment known as Cardalonia, in which users can build their own experiences, take ownership of those experiences, and customize them.

Unlocking the creative potential of the metaverse by means of the many P2P activities made possible by the P2E principle. These activities include earning, creating, socializing, playing, and trading, amongst many more.