Triple-I: Declining life expectancy shows need for life insurance

Triple-I Declining life expectancy shows need for life insurance

According to the findings of the Insurance Information Institute, the declining life expectancy rates in the United States show the significance of buying life insurance coverage (Triple-I).

According to statistics that was issued by the National Center for Health Statistics this week, the life expectancy at birth in the United States decreased to its lowest level since 1996 in the year 2021.

According to Sean Kevelighan, CEO of Triple-I, “September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and this provides the chance to further teach consumers about the vital financial security and peace of mind a life insurance policy provides.” “Unfortunately, in recent years we have seen more Americans perish as a result of COVID-19, as well as some derivative effects – including people driving more dangerously, taking into consideration that we had the largest annual percentage increase of fatalities on our roads in the United States than we ever have before in the history of the country.

“What’s more, the combination of greater climate risk and more people living in regions that put them in harm’s way, such as coastal and timber-rich areas, is aggravating the problem.” [Citation needed]

According to Triple-I, individuals should seriously contemplate purchasing a life insurance policy if any of the following conditions apply to them:

  • Someone else’s financial well-being depends on them, and that person will have major financial needs once they are gone.
  • Their estate does not have enough assets to pay the necessary taxes and debts.
  • They want to cover all of the costs associated with their funeral and burial.

According to Kevelighan, who was quoted in the 2022 Life Insurance Barometer Study, “four widely held misunderstandings regarding life insurance were uncovered.” “A sizeable portion of the more than 8,000 people who participated in the survey grossly underestimated the actual cost of a life insurance policy and erroneously assumed that the life insurance coverage they received via their workplace was adequate.

Others believed that purchasing life insurance was either too complex of a product or a thing that they would only require when they were of an older age. “In the wake of the deadliest pandemic in a century and as the number of deadly motor vehicle accidents soars, Americans should consult with their insurance agent about acquiring the appropriate type and amount of coverage for their life insurance policies,”