AA Insurance: Car thefts spike

AA Insurance Car thefts spike

AA Insurance reports an alarming rise in the number of car theft instances.
According to AA Insurance, the number of thefts of motorized vehicles and suspected thefts of passenger cars in New Zealand climbed by 36.5% during the year that ended on June 30.

COVID-19 lockdowns led to a reduction in the number of vehicle crashes, but according to the insurance, these security measures had no impact on the number of vehicle thefts. The number of insurance claims that are related to vehicle theft has increased by fifty percent in comparison to the previous year. This is because parked cars on the street are becoming increasingly appealing targets for thieves.

In comparison to other major centers in New Zealand, Auckland experienced a theft surge of 43 percent year-on-year. The number of reported thefts was notably higher on weekends and throughout the warmer months. The data from the insurance company’s claims indicate that the Nissan Tiida, Toyota Mark X, Toyota Aqua, Mazda Atenza, and Mazda Demio are the five models of vehicles that are snatched the most consistently.

AA Insurance’s head of motor claims, Beau Paparoa, recently issued a reminder to automobile owners to be especially careful regarding the safety of their vehicles.

“With the number of ram crackdowns increasing, specially in Auckland, it is essential to remember that the vehicles aimed directly for this activity tend to be at the lower end of the value chain, are more than five years old, and are often parked on the street,” Paparoa said. “It’s also essential to remember that the vehicles aimed primarily for this interaction seem to to have at the lower end of the value chain.” “The increase in vehicle theft cannot be simply attributed to ram raids – we are also receiving information of increasing joyrides and cars that appear to have been taken to get from point A to point B.”

Even while parked in their own driveways, drivers were urged by AA Insurance to always lock their vehicles. According to AA Insurance, the best way for drivers to protect their vehicles from theft is to park their vehicles in a secure location such as a garage, carport, or off-street spot. If you have to park on the street, you should do so beneath a streetlight or in another place that is adequately illuminated.

The policyholders’ insurance company also suggested that they purchase supplementary protective clothing for their vehicles, such as alarm lights, immobilizers, and steering angle locks.

“While AA Automobile will always be available to help clients get back on the road if their car is targeted, our documentation demonstrates that even simple safety precautions like a gearshift lock may be an effective barrier against thieves seeking a quick smash-and-grab,” Paparoa said.