Ethereum (ETH): Week Ahead Price Predictions

Ethereum (ETH) Week Ahead Price Predictions

During the most recent two weeks, the value of Ethereum (ETH) has increased by more than 24 percent. This occurred after the alternative token tool performed a 180 after breaking support at 1,442 dollars for two months. Due to the fact that the line of resistance at $1,790 coincides with the topside trend-line of the ascending channel, the most popular alternative currency could run into some short-term difficulties during the forthcoming trading sessions.

Despite this, it is possible that the general atmosphere surrounding Ethereum may improve as the project prepares for the anticipated Merge in the wake of the successful shadow fork. At the time of this writing, the price of ETH was $1,767.1, representing a gain of 2.7% over the course of the previous twenty-four hours.

The daily timeframe for Ethereum

After Ethereum’s price recovered from the predicted breakdown of the lowering wedge, the cryptocurrency’s bullish strength was rekindled. Because of the token’s rise over the last two weeks, bulls were able to test the limits of its supply territory in the $1,790 value region.

While this is going on, the return of the buyers is met with opposition at the higher region of the rising channel. In light of the fact that the boundary and the resistance are both located at $1,790, it is possible that Ethereum may have a momentary higher price rejection from the nearest resistance. Despite this, the Bollinger Bands’ upper band continued to show a tendency to move in a northward direction.

Any closing that goes far beyond topside bands would indicate that there is a possibility for volatile breaks in the upcoming sessions. It’s possible that a stretched downside could be induced by a close above the resistance at $1,790. In these kinds of scenarios, the territory between $1,907 and $1,993 contains potential target areas. In the meantime, a fall below the support level of $1,703 could throw the door open for short-term declines that could bring ETH down to $1,648.


After some time, the RSI (Relative Strength Index) was able to secure a sustained closing above the equilibrium level, which illustrated massive buying superiority. If the price stays above this level for an extended period of time, buyers will keep their advantage. On the other hand, the AO (Awesome Oscillator) observed higher peaks while getting closer to the zero level. A closing that took place beyond this zone would affirm buying signals, despite the fact that ADX displayed a substantial weak directional bias for ETH.

A Closing Reflection

The anticipation of Merge may lend support to the alternative currency, which could fuel a bullish stance within the market. In the meantime, buyers should wait for a closing price that is higher than the resistance level of $1,790 to authorize their dominance. Targets would remain the same as they have been highlighted. Finally, afficionados should watch Bitcoin’s actions, as Ethereum has a massive 92% co – relation with BTC.