Five crypto addresses tied to a Russian neo-Nazi group have been sanctioned.

Five crypto addresses tied to a Russian neo-Nazi group have been sanctioned.

The Office of Foreign Asset Control blacklisted a number of groups, and the United States Department of Treasury included five cryptocurrency addresses that were tied to a neo-Nazi group that was active with the Russian invasion of Ukraine in its list of sanctioned entities.

The United States Treasury Department Has Blocked Access to Five Cryptocurrency Addresses Due to Their Ties to a Neo-Nazi Organization Based in Russia.

The United States Treasury Department announced on Thursday that it had added 22 individuals and two organizations to its list of Specially Designated Nationals. Among the individuals and organizations added to this list were several that the Treasury Department claimed had assisted in advancing the targets of the Russian government in Ukraine. This effectively prevents businesses and individuals residing in the United States from engaging in any kind of transaction with the newly assigned individuals and organizations.

As part of the sanctions placed on a single company, Task Force Rusich, a paramilitary group of the neo-Nazi type, there were five cryptocurrency addresses, two of which were based on Bitcoin (BTC), two of which were related to Ether (ETH), and one of which was based on Tether. All of these addresses belonged to Task Force Rusich (USDT).

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen noted that the corresponding sanctions were applied as included in the efforts of the U.S. authorities for the responsibility of Russia in the case of the war crime the country, hostility, and crimes done by the country, along with separating Vladimir Putin (the President of Russia) financially and keeping Russia from helping to fund the military thereof. These efforts were included in the attempts of the U.S. authorities for the accountability of Russia in the scenario of the war crime the country, hostility, and brutalities done

Ukraine Retakes Control of Part of Kharkiv’s Eastern Neighborhoods

On Monday, Ukrainian military forces were successful in retaking a territorial zone in the east of Kharkiv city. The Russian army had previously held control of this region for a considerable amount of time (months). According to the United States Department of the Treasury, the Task Force Rusich fought in parallel with the forces of Russia in Ukraine. This is significant when one considers the fact that mercenaries had been accused of committing atrocities in close proximity to the zone that was just recently retrieved, and that they had also arrested Ukrainian soldiers in 2015.

During the conflict that took place between the two counties in the Donbass region, this was observed. According to the claims made by the department, the neo-Nazi group had been involved in activities that aimed to undermine the territorial integrity, political stability, security, and peace of the United States and its allies in order to provide an advantage to the Russian government.

In February of this year, Russian forces embarked on an invasion of territory belonging to the Ukrainian government. Following this, the government of the United States of America, along with several officials from the government of Europe, enacted sanctions with the purpose of both weakening the economy of Russia and punishing wealthy individuals there.