Building a Secure Bitcoin Life – Bitcoin Magazine

Building a Secure Bitcoin Life – Bitcoin Magazine

The fifth Underground Citadel was held on August 25 at Bitcoin Commons in Austin, Texas, and was hosted by Plan B Passport. This post is for you if you weren’t able to attend the event that generated the most buzz over the entire year. It had the highest attendee count and retention rate that we have ever seen; the event space that Bitcoin Commons and the Austin Bitcoin community used was packed from the beginning to the end of the event, and even after it had concluded.

Underground Citadel is intended to be the ideal place for people who use Bitcoin to connect with other people who share their interests and where they can develop their own communities. The following is some historical context regarding how this incident came to pass:

Putting the finishing touches on the underground citadel.

When you take an orange pill, you find out about a phony monetary system. This is something that has happened to all of us at some point. After that, you start to wonder if you were lied to about any of the other aspects of your life as well. When you reach this point, you go down many different kinds of rabbit holes while at the same time wishing that everything would just be destroyed. However, once you get past this stage of anger, you realize that life can still be beautiful, and you begin to concentrate on constructing the life that you want for yourself.

The Underground Citadel is the conference that we attend to talk about the ideas that will help us establish the life that we deserve outside of the broken system that we are now a part of. We extend an invitation to guests to identify the signal that is generated by Bitcoin and to learn how they can create that lovely existence for themselves.

Discovering What Makes Life So Wonderful

In this edition of Underground Citadel, we began with the foundation, the fundamentals, physical security, and the derivatives that come from that, including situational awareness, mental strategies, and danger recognition. How to improve your ability to be aware of your surroundings and how to protect yourself from any potential dangers in your environment.

We discussed in great detail the ultimate sovereign individual toolkit, which consists of such things as survival instinct, deterrence/preemptive strikes, deception, evacuation, intense attention and awareness, reality-based training, and possibly integrating some medical instruction. You should develop the mental model of seeming “large and strong” in order to deter any potential threats and make it a habit to “break your routine” whenever you find yourself in a potentially hazardous scenario.

After that, we moved on to the hunting. Because the majority of individuals in today’s world are unable to supply for themselves in any way other than by traveling to a grocery store, farmers market, or another similar establishment, some people would argue that our civilization has actually gone backward. We went over the ins and outs of why we should hunt, what kills you should learn, and the reasoning behind why paying attention is one of the most important abilities you can acquire. In a somewhat amusing turn of events, the presenter, Jon Wayne Taylor, went on to describe how inefficient hunting is in comparison to farming, domesticating animals, and trapping them. This is the case up until the point where you obviously have no other choices left to consider. Later on, he went on to explain why, in order to increase your understanding of hunting, you should study skills such as tracking, trailing, marksmanship, and butchery.

After that, we decided to have the baby at home. This was the topic that appeared to have the most impact on Bitcoin users. Since the very first event held in the Underground Citadel, we’ve had this subject matter on our minds, but we weren’t sure how the predominantly male audience would react. We are extremely grateful to the Bitcoin community for the kind reception this talk received.

We talked about the reasons why we had begun to mistrust our bodies to do one of the primary functions for which it was designed. Why have we opened the door for the medical system to take over and sedate women while they are giving birth? People should do their own research as to why they will or will not have a baby in a hospital and educate themselves on what is best for their situation, but they should not allow doctors to scare them into having this beautiful experience under lightbulbs in a state of stress. As Bitcoinersm, we preach “don’t trust, verify,” so people should do their own research as to why they will or will not have a baby in a hospital. You are the customer in the system of receiving medical care, and as such, you should be the one who holds the power.

After that, it was only natural that we move on to discuss flag theory and jurisdictional arbitration. At this Underground Citadel, we dug deep into the topic of how Bitcoin really does permit freedom of movement, and as a community of individuals who value permissionless money, we should also respect permissionless travel. We are currently born into a nonconsensual monopoly, and because we live in a world governed by fiat currency, it is impossible for us to hold governments accountable. The world is controlled by those who print money and so-called “leaders” who are selfish. On the other hand, if Bitcoin were to become the standard, individuals would be considered the customers, and governments would be required to compete with one another by offering the finest services at the most affordable costs.

But until that time comes, this is precisely why we are concentrating on “investment migration.” “Investment migration” is a term that is used in the industry of jurisdictional arbitrage to describe immigration programs that involve investment or donation as a basis for acquiring a visa, residency, or passport. Because of this, we strongly recommend that individuals incorporate jurisdictional arbitrage or flag theory into their daily lives. At Plan B Passport, we describe the term “flag theory” as the concept of reducing your dependence on any one particular state by “stacking flags” in jurisdictions that are advantageous for you in a variety of ways. This can be accomplished by moving your primary residence from one state to another. We prefer to look at the way governments currently function through the lens of markets and capitalism and show how Bitcoin took the game of geographical arbitrage to a new level, which actually solves the problem of there not being a free market between nation states.

Next, we had our very own functional medicine specialist, Dr. Oubre, discuss how to take control of your health by unlocking your “discomfort” DNA. Dr. Oubre’s presentation was incredibly informative. I’m sure that a good number of us have participated in some very restrictive diets in an effort to achieve the finest possible state of health when, in reality, we could have used some testing to determine what we were lacking and what our bodies need instead. He went over the five pillars of health, which are biological, mycotoxins, ecologic (manmade), heavy metals, and emotional, and then went on to explain reasons why you should test for each pillar. The five pillars of health are: biological, mycotoxins, environmental (manmade), heavy metals, and emotional. When performed after healing, biohacking is significantly simpler than when performed before healing. After you have optimized everything, you may then concentrate on turning back the hands of time by decoding your “discomfort” gene.

Not to be outdone, we also provided a step-by-step tutorial to getting started with 3D printing your sovereignty. In the same way that hunting, which involves locating, killing, and processing an animal, is not your best option when it comes to putting food on the table since it is relatively inefficient, the same is true for 3D printing: it is not your first choice. It is an unstable supply of weapons, there is a steep learning curve, and going out to buy your weapons is a much more efficient way to get the weapons you need. On the other hand, it’s not something you require until you actually do, at which point it’s too late to get it. When you don’t have quick access to water, you can solve the problem by getting a water softener, water filter, water delivery, or any of a number of other solutions. However, you would only do this if you were unable to obtain any other source of water. What are the repercussions of being in a situation in which you are unable to obtain water and do not have a plan B? The same may be said for printing in three dimensions. You want to know how to print firearms in case you ever find yourself in a situation where guns are no longer an option.

You don’t need a passport while everything is going swimmingly, and you also don’t need some internet money or censorship-resistant form of exchanging value until fiat currencies crash to zero and you lose all of your wealth. But you do need a passport when things aren’t going swimmingly. It is not necessary for you to have a secondary means of a travel document until the time comes when your primary method of transportation is no longer viable; nevertheless, by this point, it is already too late. Everything that was discussed at Underground Citadel was undoubtedly a step outside of our comfort zones, just as any other sort of growth is difficult. As sovereign citizens who are supposed to be “preppers,” we attended Underground Citadel. In light of all that we have discussed, the takeaway message for all of you is this: Although it is not simple, it is absolutely worthwhile.

Those of you who were unable to make it to the event are in luck because we filmed the speakers as well as their presentations. You can gain access to the recordings by following the URL provided in the previous sentence.