AXIS Capital’s cyber policy

AXIS Capital's cyber policy

A new insurance policy that provides tailor-made cyber and specialty liability protection is now available for businesses with up to $2 billion in annual turnover, as of the announcement made by AXIS Capital Holdings regarding the launch of the policy.

By letting policyholders to combine numerous coverages under a single policy, the new AXIS Cyber Technology and Miscellaneous Professional Liability (ACTM) policy has the goal of assisting businesses in preventing coverage lapses that could result in financial loss. ACTM can be purchased on either an admitted or non-admitted basis through brokers.

A policy issued by ACTM may contain any or all of the following coverages:

  • Incident response, network interruption, and other first-party liability coverages relating to cyber and data risks are included under cyber.
  • Errors and omissions in technology: this includes liability coverage for internet-based products and services, as well as coverage for telecommunications and technology equipment.
  • Coverage for a wide variety of professional services is included under the umbrella of “miscellaneous professional liability.”

“As cyber and liability risks evolve and grow in a more digitized business world, the insurance we provide must continue to develop to meet the changing needs of our customers through innovative products and great customer service,” said Dan Trueman, head of global cyber and technology at AXIS. “The insurance we provide must remain evolving in order to meet the changing needs of our customers through innovative products and good customer service.” “Through ACTM, we are able to offer comprehensive insurance coverage to small and medium-sized businesses. This coverage helps to reduce the potential losses and worry that can result from unintended gaps in coverage and protects these businesses from a wide variety of cyber and liability-related exposures. Our broader initiatives to expand profitably with our clients and advance our leading position in key specialty channels are aligned with the introduction of ACTM, which aligns with those efforts.