One of the essential strategies to consider when planning your pregnancy is what you should do about detoxing your body. Detoxing will help you get through the first few weeks of the new baby’s arrival, and adding an extra five days on average to your pregnancy can also help increase fertility. Although there are different detoxification methods, one that is relatively easy and safe enough for pregnant women is a hot water enema. These types of enemas are much milder than other types used in bowel-cleansing or colon therapy treatments and won’t likely cause complications in pregnancy or labor.

A hot water enema draws water into the colon through the rectum and excretes it through the anus. Some people prefer to have a small amount of oil in the water, although this is unnecessary. Adding a mild amount of salt, Epsom salts, or baking soda to the water can increase its detoxification abilities even further. If possible, use distilled or mineral-free water for best results. After filling up your enema bag with about three quarts of warm water and adding in your natural laxative ingredients, lie on your left side, so the liquid begins moving toward your liver and gallbladder.

The liver is a vital organ that helps filter out and eliminate toxins from your body. The gallbladder is also a detoxification organ, although it doesn’t work as effectively without adequate bile. These organs help detox the colon and the entire body of harmful bacteria, viruses, diseases, and many other toxic substances. You can move these toxins out of your system by applying pressure against your abdomen in the direction of your spine with a towel or pillow. This should push some of the water in the enema into your colon gently and safely.

After you have finished with a hot water enema, you should expel it within about twenty minutes for the best results. If you do not expel your enema within that time frame, you will have to repeat it in about an hour. If you have an enema bag that can store for up to three hours, you can fill it back up and use it again in a few hours. If not, don’t worry about repeating the procedure right away. You’ll still benefit from correcting your colon with hot water and adding some more nutrients to it.

Although they will undoubtedly help to move toxins through your system, hot water enemas are not alone sufficient detoxification of your body. You should also increase the amount of fiber in your diet and strengthen your immune system if possible. In addition, you can add more salads, fruit, and vegetables to your diet. By eating more of these foods and staying away from processed foods, you can also help eliminate some of the toxins in your body.

If you plan on detoxing during your pregnancy, there are a few things you should be aware of. First and foremost is that most people will not be able to have a hot water enema for five days after their delivery due to the risk of dehydration or constipation. However, it is perfectly safe to do the enemas during those last five days before delivery as long as you drink plenty of fluids and increase your fiber intake. Also, it is best to start cleaning out your colon well before you are pregnant. This will allow your body time to detoxify normally instead of forcing it to work harder after birth.

There are some concerns surrounding hot water enemas during pregnancy due to their effects on the uterus and kidneys. If you plan on having a hot water enema while pregnant, consult with your doctor first before doing so. They will recommend that you take enough fluids and reduce the risk of dehydration during this time by using an over-the-counter medicine like ibuprofen for cramps or a prescription painkiller for high blood pressure.

It can be challenging to find the time to take a hot water enema during your five to seven months of pregnancy. However, if you are doing so, you should also keep in mind that after your baby is born and you are back on track with a more normal diet and exercise, it should not be necessary to do one again.

Hot water enemas have been used for centuries by various cultures as a safe, easy, and effective method of cleansing the colon of toxins and other waste products. They are prevalent among pregnant women who want to increase their chances of a successful pregnancy and stay healthy. Although they are not particularly dangerous, it is best to consult your doctor before using one. For more information on detoxification and pregnancy, read our articles on diet and pregnancy,  exercise in pregnancy, and being a new mom.


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