1. Effective communication– Speaking not just with your mouth but also with your hands and body when they are used to carry information; thinking with words and using them in appropriate situations

2. Critical thinking– Finding answers to questions through logic and assessing the validity of information based on its sources, claims, and personal experiences

3. Problem-solving– Identifying problems within a situation or in one’s personal life and brainstorming ways to solve them

4. Organizing oneself– Putting events or tasks in order by time, importance or location so that one can execute a plan effectively

5. Managing stress– Identifying stressors, finding ways to reduce them, and dealing with them appropriately

6. Managing time– Allocating time appropriately to get important tasks completed and promptly

7. Networking– Building professional relationships by using connections one has made in the past and forming new ones through conversation or introductions by acquaintances

8. Collaborating, coaching, and empowering others– Finding opportunities for all of the members of a team to contribute equally to a task or goal and coordinating efforts so that all parties involved can work together successfully; also helping other people succeed in their work

9. Cultural awareness– Being aware of the customs, notions, and stereotypes about different groups of people to minimize any possible misunderstandings; also understanding that one is not exempt from criticism due to factors such as gender, race, or sexual orientation

10. Global awareness – Understanding that an increasing number of problems affecting individuals and communities can only be solved by solutions that take into account the diverse cultural and economic situations encountered around the world


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